Hello online dating!

So, being 28 I kind of grew out of the whole club scene, problem is I won’t date anyone from work and if I dont go out-where am I supposed to meet men? The online thing at first sounded embarassing. I mean am I a loser if I actually go that route? Well, what the hell do I have to lose? SO I tried it! Still single! but I have gotten some great stories! LOl

I went ahead uploaded some pics, wrote about myself in the little box I was limited to and in a matter of 2 hours I got 16 emails! Maybe this is the way to go! I mean I’ve never gotten 16 numbers at a club in one night! Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Italians, and Greek men! Soo much to choose from! This is better than Baskin Robbins! There were a couple I didnt even respond to-BORING! but some definitely caught my eye :}

First there was Marc (names have been changed-ha! always wanted to say that) innocent and friendly. Turns out we went to the same college and actually attended at the same time but never met. Then there was *George, mistake number one-never talk to someone without a picture displayed. But he did email me a pic at my request and he was funny. He has kids though-two daughters. I always said I would prefer to date men with no kids but he was soo funny-his emails actually put a smile on my face. Then there was *Jason, half Puerto Rican, half Russian. I thought with a mix like that he HAS to be sexy! He lived only 10 minutes away from me-at this point I should have proceeded with caution!  I really must remember to start listening to my “inner voice”

Within a week, I had given all three my phone number and moved on to 2nd base-phone conversations. I’m kinda liking this. No need to dress up, do my hair, look all pretty but I can meet so many guys and choose to “delete” “ignore” or “reply”-Internet dating is wonderful isn’t it?


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