my journey continues

So as the week passed I continued meeting other guys online and sparked a conversation with the first 3 contendors_Marc and I hit it off because we had so much in common and he casually asked me if I would be willing to meet in person. I forgot that at some point this would probably happen and all of a sudden I got nervous. I mean what if he’s a murderer? a freak? if he’s not attractive? or worse doesn’t think I am attractive! But I knew I had to meet him eventually if I wanted to continue speaking to him. I had the perfect plan! My friend’s bday party was that Saturday so I told him I’d love to meet him for a quick drink nearby before heading down to meet my friends and he happily agreed to a quick get together.

Saturday comes and I spot him, first thing that comes to my mind is he looks better in person than in the pictures! Jackpot! We went to a well-lit, crowded local restaurant and I secretly looked around for the closest exits in case I had to make a mad dash. (I still didn’t know if he was a murderer!) Conversation flowed, we laughed at each other’s jokes and surprisingly seemed really comfortable with one another. I maybe a bit too comfortable b/c the lush that I am had one too many drinks. Note to self-don’t do this again, in case you do Have to make a mad dash!

Then it happened-he leaned in for a kiss. It was just a small peck but I decided “this is nice” and started hitting “ignore” to all my friend’s emergency calls. (Two of them were my safety net-my “somethings come up” excuse call in case I wanted to cut the date short.) I did have plans with my girls so had to eventually cut the date short. Time for the goodbye portion of the night. I hate this part on a first date-so awkward! Perhaps it was the drinks, but this time when he leaned in to kiss me good-bye I wasn’t as nervous and it wasn’t just a peck this time. We kissed for so long, I momentarily forgot I wasn’t in high school anymore and kissing this long, in public no less is not ok. We were so wrapped up in one another we didn’t even realize we had grown a small audience! I pulled away, quickly becoming embarrassed and our nosey audience finally got the hint.  I don’t really want to go but I have to.

I go to the club and have a great time with my friends but every now and then this weird grin comes to my face every time I think about Marc.

Monday morning comes and he sends me an email! Apparently he thought about me as much as I did for the rest of the weekend! Yes! He tells me he wants to go out on a longer date without my phone constantly going off and asks me out to dinner for later in the week. I email him back “had a great time as well, can’t wait till dinner!”

Suddenly my happy bubble of thoughts is disturbed by another email-but this time it’s Jason, he says its real short notice he knows, but it’s so beautiful out he thought maybe we could go for a walk and get some ice cream nearby. I’m on such a high from how great my first date went I think hey why not!

I’m kind of liking all these dates! 2 dates scheduled for the week and it’s only Monday!


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