Fashion 101

I come home excited knowing that I am going to meet with Jason in an hour. I changed really quickly and set out to meet him in the downtown area of my town, since we were going to get ice cream and going to go on a walk I took my dog along. Thank God I listened to my inner voice that time and brought Romeo along.

Call it my gut instinct but as soon as I saw the 1982 brown station wagon pull up along side the bench I was sitting on, I knew this was Jason. I reminded myself, I wasn’t dating the car but the man and scolded myself for being so materialistic at times but then he stepped out. Now mind you, I am no Vogue model or fashion designer but I have enough fashion sense to know that his outfit deserved a blog in the back pages of Cosmo-it was a Big fashion No, No! Who told him it was ok to wear khaki pleated shorts, a bright blue Hanes t-shirt, black socks and 1980 high top sneakers? Best of all was his idea of jewelry, which consisted of the key ring he had around hanging from his belt loop with at least 20 keys.  I thought he was a computer technician, not a janitor! I mean I know we weren’t going to dinner but I managed to put on a cute juicy couture suite with my cute (in style) sneakers and a little lip gloss, I thought I deserved a little more than the janitor look.

Breathe I told myself, as I looked down at Romeo and he gave me a worried expression. To make matters worse as soon as he stepped out of the car, he came around and asked me if he could give me a kiss and a hug. I rather go clean my house. I put aside his look to then realize, this guy looks absolutely nothing like his picture. Nothing! I thought being half Puerto Rican, half Russian he would be exotic looking, tall, and slightly resembling a model-ummm he was anything but!

Still, I’m not a mean person and my dog really wanted to go for a walk. We skipped the ice cream-that would mean having to go to the local ice cream store where I was sure to run into someone I knew and I couldn’t bare the thought of the embarrassment. On the walk, I tried to keep an open mind, reminding myself this could be an amazing guy and I’m not giving him a fair chance, should he be “the one” I could always take him shopping and give him a make over-I do love projects!

I wonder what Marc is doing right now? I ask Jason what he likes to do for fun, what hobbies he has to spark a conversation. He tells me he likes to play bowling and is on a bowling league and is playing in a tournament that weekend. Now there’s nothing wrong with bowling. I enjoy going down to Lucky Strike in Chelsea having a round of drinks and playing a game or watching a game being played as I sample their latest round of martini creations, but the excitement in his voice when he spoke about it was giving me the creeps. He was talking about bowling not the Marc Jacobs spring collection! Then he told me the one thing he loved more than bowling was Star Wars and going to Trekkie conventions. O.k, it’s official I am in a Revenge of the Nerds sequel.

Just as I am cursing the internet dating Gods, Marc sends me a text “Babe, I miss you where are you, lets grab a bite.” I break out of my thoughts to tell Jason my sister is locked out of the house and I really have to get going. Thanks Marc for rescuing me! He says he’ll drive me, no I say I prefer the exercise, so he asks me for yet another kiss. One step closer buddy, and I will set my 12 pound pug Romeo to attack you. He asks me if he can take me to dinner. “I’ll call you” I respond. I hope he doesn’t wait around for me to call to have his next meal.


3 thoughts on “Fashion 101

  1. Hahaha!! I love these vivid descriptions!! Man, I probably would have found him interesting…lol Sadly, these stories give me the itch to get back on the cyber dating scene, just when life couldn’t possibly get any spicier…(sigh) Talk about self-deprecating masochistic tendencies….which reminds me I need to play the lottery. Great stuff hunny, I look fwd to digesting more!

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