Like a man

I decided there was one way to put some of my concerns and doubts about Marc to rest. We had gone out a couple of times and things seemed to be going well, except for that one little thing about me not knowing how I felt for him. I decided that rather than going out again, I would invite him over. Hey, girls have needs too and I was ready to explore that next level and see if the “chemistry” was there that I soo longed for.

Like a man he happily accepted my invite and I barely had enough time to clean up-a.k.a throw everything under the bed and in the closet-before he was ringing my doorbell.

Like most single girls, I keep a handy stock of wine and liquor for emergency purposes and this was an emergency. After several glasses, ok the bottle-I definitely started feeling like maybe I hadn’t given him a fair chance. I think I really do like him. One thing lead to the other (obviously) and that was that. We cuddled in bed for a bit afterwards but then I hinted at the fact that I was really tired and needed to wake up early for work-too early, and thought it was best for him to go home. Like a man, I got what I wanted but also knew I wanted to spend the night alone. He was a bit surprised, I think at first but he left; but not before kissing me good-bye and telling me he really liked me.

I had a hard time falling asleep that night. The only thing that had become clear was that drinking a bottle of wine on an empty stomach was probably not a good idea and I was still unclear about how I felt about Marc. Great, just great! Hopefully it will come to me in my dream :}


3 thoughts on “Like a man

  1. great example of how men operate! hmm has there been a shift in the sexual mentality of latin single females that I’ve been in the dark about or is this just “you”? awesomely written sunshine;)

    • I think its a shift in women, we make more money than men in some cases and more women are enrolled in higher education compared to men-I think women are starting to take the reins and charging ahead!! :}

  2. I’m not trying to defend the guy but I know in my experience when a woman hints at the fact that she doesn’t want me there i respectfully leave because 1 i was raised to be a gentlemen and respect women’s decisions and 2 she might not be comfortable enough yet and on top of everything else it is your place if your hinting me to leave then i’m going to leave it’s not like i have much of a say in the matter lol some guys out there are respectful… BTW women in charge is a turn on @ least in my opinioin… great writing!!

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