Scared of the unknown

After the downfall, better known as Jason I was scared this dating thing wasn’t really for me. It reminded me that people can easily lie about who they are. How was I to know that this guy that seemed so promising online would turn out to be the same guy who thought high top sneakers from the 80’s were ok to wear in public.

Thanks to Jason, I thought maybe I should give up on the online dating and just stick to Marc. I mean I did like him after all…right? We had seen each other a couple of times and I did like him but something was missing. The butterflies. I didn’t get that exciting, sweaty palms “can’t wait to see you” feeling. Is that normal? Can you like someone without having that feeling? Do I like him? or not? Ughhh, when does this become less confusing??

I know I don’t want to settle but I also know I don’t want to lose out on a great guy that really likes me and who could potentially be a great boyfriend. Well it’s the weekend, so who says I have to decide right now?


2 thoughts on “Scared of the unknown

  1. Hunny If its not 100% there for you, whyyy waste your time? Its called your gut instinct, you should listen to it more often. I always say “knowing” is written in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone. If this Marc character was a millionaire, you wouldn’t think twice about liking him…but think about that deciding factor. We need to keep our eye on the prize….Sooooo, are we looking for love or a “good catch”? And does that line get blurry once one of these conditions takes precedence over the other?

    • you are absolutely right about knowing in the first 5 min. but I think at the time I wanted a boyfriend…or so I thought and figured he was great “on paper” yet couldnt figure out why i didnt feel more for him. But keep reading there is a turn in this storyline :} P.S if you havent figured it out (this is not just in response to this comment but in general) all of these stories really did occur to me, but not necessarily current day. Its more a collection of all my dating tales :} Happy reading!

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