The new guy

I decided that since I had no commitment to Marc and was still unsure of how I felt for him that I would continue on my search for “Mr. Right.”  So I went back online and met David. Wow! David was the cute guy who sent me pictures that made me want more! Full lips, dark eyebrows, dark eyes and perfect teeth. I definitely wanted to meet him in person-and 3 days later that’s what I did.

It wasn’t a planned date and now I wish I had. Note to self-REALLY-how many times must I drunk dial or drunk text before I finally realize this is NOT a good idea-EVER!

After a night out with the girls a couple of drinks turned out to a couple of rounds. David happened to call while I was out and because my night out with the girls was supposed to be an early night, I made plans to catch up with him afterwards at yet another bar (mistake number 2!) 

We meet and the second I see him this grin comes across my face because I can’t get over how adorable he is. David has a baby face, dimples and all but a man’s body. We drink a bottle of wine and proceed to have great conversation although I have no idea what we talked about. I hate to use alcohol as an excuse but I can’t help it! After drinking a bottle of wine I decided there was no way I was ready for this date to end so I invited him to my house but made sure he knew he was not coming in-we were just going to hang outside in the backyard. He was totally fine with that and it actually turned out to be something right out of a movie. Another bottle of wine and some tunes from the iPod was all we needed before he asked me to dance and that’s what we did-under the starts on a perfect summer night. Best date since I started online dating. If he tries kissing me, I won’t pull away. After a couple of dances he leans in and kisses me. I finally get to feel those full lips. Not sure if it’s the wine, the summer night, me or him but I am definitely getting hot!

After making out like teenagers for what seemed like the whole night it was time to say good night. It was a weeknight after all and we both had to wake up and go to work in a couple of hours.

Later that morning he sends me a text -” I don’t know what you did to me but I can’t stop grinning, people at work are beginning to wonder.”  Sounds like I did my job :}


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