A special thank you!

Thanks to all who have reached out to me on here and privately to tell me how much they have enjoyed reading my blog! I greatly appreciate the support because writing has been a passion of mine since I was in high school but believe it or not I am actually pretty shy and always was a bit hesitant to share my stories. Thank you for making it easier.

I wanted to address a couple of questions because I have received them quite frequently.

1) All of these stories I write about really did happen to me! I know…just wait it gets worse! I do change some of their names to hide their identity b/c I know some are reading. lol but these are actual dates I went on that I write about

2) Although all of these dates are ones that I have been on, they are not necessarily ones that I have been on in present day. Most of my stories are taken from journal entries I wrote as I was experiencing them. These dates were so out there I just knew I wanted to document them, read back and reminisce at one point! Hopefully when I’m married and thinking wow I had a crazy (yet fulfilling single life)

3) Because many of you are close friends of mine (that I adore and treasure) you know that I now have a boyfriend. To set the record straight this by no means signifies that I will no longer write. I love to write! It was a passion of mine before he came into my life and will continue to be! As a matter of fact, one of the first questions he asked was would I include him in my blog-to answer him and all of you-He’s part of my life so more than likely but this is why I change people’s names :}

4) Some of you have called/written me to say you havent gotten the email notification of when I post something new. After calling and ripping word press a new h**e they assured me everything is working correctly and it could be that when you signed up to the subscription you set your notifications to be bi-weekly (for example) so please ck your settings and to be extra sure-Subscribe again! I added a widget to my page that would make it a bit easier (I hope! to subscribe.

Thanks again and Happy reading!!


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