Cuz two is not Enough!

Two great nights with both guys doesn’t mean I’m ready to slow down. Some may say I’m acting like a slut or a hoe or any of the other derogatory names given to women who act like men have for ages but I don’t care. I mean why can’t I date multiple men, test the waters and see which is right for me? Whats so wrong with that? If men do it why can’t I? And if I have several cute guys who are interested in me, live nearby and want to get to know me, spend time with me-why not? Who am I to deny them of their desire! :}

I’m single, no boyfriend, no kids, I have my own place, pay my own bills-so what if I want to get satisfied from time to time? I’m being safe and I’m simply satisfying my needs that we all have! (Some more than others)

Enter Robert. 31, single, no kids, lives nearby (I’m beginning to love my new neighborhood!) works as a nurse (male nurse-hmmm) over the phone sounds smart. We have these intellectual, stimulating conversations over the phone that turn me on every time! Only problem is he seems to be shy. His phone conversations are kind of short and pretty neutral but his text messages are hot!

A drunken night (I seem to have these wayyy to often!!) he wants to see me and neither Marc or Davis are around so I  accept the invite! For the record, he has tried to set a date with me twice before but I have had to cancel both time-Hey a girls got bills to pay!! I hang with my girl until she leaves me to go meet her new boyfriend that she met online (!!) and as if he had some psychic ability, Marc texts messages me-“I miss you, a week without you is far too long.” I concur! It is too long. Sorry Robert, I know I just agreed to see you but I’m drunk and I want to have sex! I know if I go see Robert that won’t happen because it’s a first date but if I go see Marc I can make that happen. Easy choice!  I tell Marc to meet me at my house and when I arrive 20 minutes later, he’s waiting for me in my driveway-steps out to greet me and hands me flowers.

Sorry Robert, going to have to cancel again only this time I didn’t call or text him. I gotta go. Marc is here. :}

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