Friday night in the city!

Friday came and the girls and I were off to the city! My girls knew that since the “break up” with Marc I was feeling kind of down. Not soo much because it was over but because I never meant to hurt him. He truly is a great guy and I am truly a masochist. I finally met someone who had the qualities I thought I wanted and I let him go. Shots are definitely in order!

The night resulted in lots of dancing, drinking and tons of flirting with several cute guys-one in particular would send me on a whirlwind! Enter Miguel-be still my heart. 31-year-old, just moved to NY from Puerto Rico-Half Brazilian, half Puerto Rican and gorgeous-nothing else left to say! From the moment I saw him in the club I knew I wanted him…or at least make out with him! I think every other girl in the club had my exact thought!When he stood right by me at the bar without even so much as glancing my way I thought I had no chance. Except when he walked by me again later that night, he stopped to tell me I had a nice smile and I knew that was my chance to attack. I have no idea where I got the guts-but when I saw him standing alone I walked right over and made my move. My understanding friends said nothing to me for ditching them because that is exactly what I did. Miguel bought me a drink, we talked we danced and kissed and kissed some more. SCORE!

It should have stopped at just that but between all the shots and the twinkle coming from his eye I couldn’t help but hook up with this guy. Shame on me-I know! but When would I ever see him again? He was straight out of the GQ shoot-I couldn’t resist! I stopped it just in time and made a mad dash to go find my friends-after he asked me for my phone number. I know he’s not gonna use it-it is what it is-just a night of random, drunk hook ups but perhaps this is what I needed. It reminded me this is exactly why I can’t be in a relationship. Not with Marc not with anyone. I want to have fun! It;s summer time!

The next day the beautiful man called! He actually called twice! The first time I was with family and couldn’t talk so I said I would call him back and when I didn’t after a few hours he called again and asked me to dinner. Dinner? I made out with him and now he’s taking me to dinner? I better go play the lotto because my luck is changing!!

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