The unforeseen

As the week passed, Miguel also known as the Puerto Rican God that I met at the club that night has either called or sent me a text everyday since we scheduled our date. Nothing to get excited about just yet.

Don’t they always call or look for you in the beginning? Still, the more I talk to him the eager I become to see him Friday night. Now if only I could figure out what to wear!

Friday comes, outfit in check and it’s finally time! I am gitty and nervous with excitement to see him again. My stomach is literally doing back flips. As soon as I spot him my palms get sweaty and I feel dizzy-he’s even more beautiful than I remembered!

A cab ride later we are at the restaurant and our conversation is flowing. The music is amazing and the spot is hot! He’s attentive to me the whole time, always holding doors for me and pulling out my chair. Sadly dinner sped by and now what? It’s 10:30 and I know I’m not ready to say goodnight. I call my friend who had been calling and texting me non stop to check up on me. She happens to be at a bar watching the playoffs and being the sports fanatic that I am-my short conversation becomes a little too long as I try to gt all the play by plays and he patiently waits for me to finish my phone conversation before suggesting we go meet my friends at the bar and finish watching the end of the game. Turns out he’s as big a Yankee fan as I am! I’m in love!

In one night, Miguel showed me what I waited for Marc to show me in 2 months and never did! He made an effort to be included in my life and my friends are my life! The fact that Miguel wanted to meet them, on our first date no less was the cherry on top to what already was a magical night. Miguel made me feel fabulous, Marc made me feel ok-but never fabulous.

We head to the bar where not only my friends are hanging but so is half my family -oh boy! This could be pretty uncomfortable. However Miguel makes it anything but! He is a hit with my friends and my family and when the Yankees won our adrenaline was pumping and we knew we had to celebrate! Celebrate we did at our own private party back at my house…and for the rest of the weekend. He left that Sunday and by Sunday I knew I was in love. I was madly deeply in love with this man and there was no second guessing it.

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