Only time can tell

It’s been two months and I’ve gone on no other dates or spoken to any new men. My heart now officially belongs to one man and one man only-Miguel.

Turns out we had more in common then I ever expected. The night of our first date he must’ve been very drunk because he told me that although he wasn’t looking for a relationship he thought he would like to pursue one with me. Not only was this odd because it was our first date but even weirder because I knew exactly how he felt.

All summer long I played the field and lived it up! Thinking I didn’t want to settle down or have a commitment to any one person I met Miguel and fell in love and knew from that day on  without a doubt, my playing days were over.

Friday night has now become date night and have spent every Friday night with Miguel since our first Friday night date. I love being with him. We love going out together and dancing at all the hottest clubs and all my friends seem to get along with him. We laugh together and lay in bed and have deep conversations about life, family our fears and our goals. We share an undeniable passion and attraction for one another that always leads to mind-blowing sex. He always spends the night-sometimes the weekends and in the mornings we embrace one last time before he goes off to work and from the moment he leaves I miss him.

We haven’t had the “official” talk but I haven’t bothered to ask. I figure when and if he’s ready he will bring it up. Only time can tell where this will lead but I hope and pray that this chapter doesn’t end the way soo many others have in my past.


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