Bemvenido a Brasil!!

It’s now Saturday and we have been in Brazil for a couple of days, far from home, far from Miguel. The only thing that has been constantly replaying in my mind is that tonite is the night Miguel will see his ex-girlfriend. I will definitely be doing it up in Brasil tonight!

The next day I find an internet cafe and send him an email, very casually asking him how his saturday night went. I don’t feel well for the rest of the day, I believe due to the anxiety I am feeling from awaiting his email response. The week passes and as I await to see if I will hear back from him I fill my time and go shopping, eat some of the most delicious course I have ever had, attempt to go surfing and hit the beach everyday but every so often my mind drifts off and I imagine how much fun I would have here with Miguel. He loves to surf and he looks magical on his surfboard.

I finally hear back from him! He says he misses me and is anxiously awaiting my return home. I should feel better but I am now on day 6 of not feeling well. I have not slept in days and wake up nauseous everyday. All I want to do is sleep! It never dawns on me until my friend’s stepmother asks me if there is a possibility that I am pregnant! What?? huh? How?? No way! Great! I am in paradise but now I want to run home more than ever and crawl into Miguel’s arms. I want this feeling to go away and not be pregnant. Brazil is beautiful but I have a growing sense that my life might be dramatically changing.


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