Home Sweet home!

Back from a two-week vacation in paradise and I’m kind of happy about it. I was able to sneak off in Brazil and take a pregnancy test and it was negative. In an odd way I felt a bit disappointed. Sure, I always dreamt of finding the perfect man and getting married and then having kids but I do think Miguel is the perfect man and my time away has helped me define how I feel for him and the time away also convinced me to tell him.

Three hours after landing, I sent him a text and not a minute later he replied. He actually called and sounded super happy to hear from me. He said he wanted to see me that same day, so although extremely jet lagged I agreed to see him when he got off work. We had dinner at my house and watched a movie and made up for the past 2 weeks of not having seen each other. The night was perfect and the next day he didn’t have to work so we spent most of the day in bed. We went to lunch and everything was going great until I made a  joke that would set the tone for the rest of our time together. My innocent joke made him confess that while I was away he went out with someone else and slept with her.

As heart crushing as it was to hear this news, I technically couldn’t get angry because he isn’t my boyfriend! I tried to act like it didn’t bother me but I knew that he knew the truth. I decided to take him home and the ride to his place turned out to be a bumpy ride. He said that he had done it convinced that I was seeing other people and that he was trying to protect himself. I personally feel he’s full of b.s and that he was only saying this because inside he felt bad. Had I also “confessed” and told him I was seeing other people he would’ve felt better. I wasn’t letting him off the hook that easy.

Needless to say it was a very awkward goodbye, he asked me to come up but I passed, decided I needed some time to be alone and process my thoughts. It was the first time Miguel and I were stuck without knowing what to say to each other. He said he was sorry and hoped that I would call him later. It’s official-honeymoon stage is over! The whole day I was nervous thinking about how to tell him how I felt for him and that I wanted us to be a couple and I never even got around to it because he had a different itinerary.


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