My turn to admit my mistake

Yes it’s true that I wasn’t happy with his excuse of being too busy to call me but I realized after a couple of days I was being seriously neurotic. I missed him like crazy but this time I also felt so foolish. What was I thinking? I had broken up with the man I loved and the one I waited so long for-over what exactly? I’ve never been the type of girl who likes to be with her boyfriend 24/7 or constantly be on the phone with him-so why was I acting like I was that kind of girl?

2 days had passed and I realized I made a huge mistake. I wanted him back. Here we go again! I called him and when he answered the first thing he said was “took you long enough.” We spoke and he decided that rather than be on the phone I should be with him, so I jumped into the shower and put on my “he can’t refuse me jeans” along w my “you sure you want to say no to me” cleavage baring shirt and put on the perfume I knew drove him wild. The moment I saw him he smiled like a little boy and he picked me up and just hugged me for what seemed like 10 minutes. It didn’t matter that we were standing in the middle of NYC and we had all these cars honking and people cursing us out to move, we were in our own world and we were together. Nothing else mattered. He said 2 days seemed like 2 weeks to him without me, and to me it felt more like 2 months. He swore to me to never go that long without “checking in” ever again. We spent the rest of the day making up all over NYC. I had never been happier. We went to eat and then hit a bar and met up with some of his friends. Then we went back to my house and continued to make up-for 2 days. For 2 days we didn’t answer our phones or leave the house. It wasn’t until my friend who had a key to my house came over and scolded me for not answering her calls that we decided to rejoin the rest of the world. But we did it together and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I have never known real love until this moment. Everyone should be as lucky as I was-to have found the man to make my heart sing was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.


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