Beach getaway

Laying here on the beach in The Hamptons on a well deserved mini getaway. The ladies and I packed up the car and headed on our excursion. Perfect timing!
I needed some time to reflect and a serene beach summer getaway was the perfect back drop. Work has been insane! A blessing in disguise because I might have gone a little crazy without the distraction.
For about a month Miguel and I have continued being just friends, good friends. The kind of friends that don’t talk everyday but we do talk a couple of times a week. Friends who were now practically neighbors! He moved into a new place which happened to be a less than 10 min car ride away. I went over one night to see his new place after going to happy hour with the girls. No expectations. Going to his house was no big deal actually. Or was it? My sister thought it was and convinced me to shave my legs! Thank God she did because we once again ended up sleeping together! The first time in almost 7 months. Of course it was amazing!! It always was. That was never our problem.
But even more amazing was the way that even though we had spent so much time apart from one another…It still felt right. It still felt amazing. It still gave me butterflies in my stomach and made me feel like the happiest I have ever been, if even for just a moment. It wasnt just because we had sex. That was of course great, but even better than that was how we just listened to music and laid in bed talking and holding each for hours afterwards. It didn’t feel weird at all. It actually felt right.


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