Ok so friends are always asking me for dating advice. I’m humbled. Up until now though i’m not sure why because i definitely didnt have it together. Now though I feel like I finally, finally understand what this dating thing is all about! Through the heartbreak of my last two relationships and the all the dating i’ve done I’ve learned a thing or two. I like to call it trial and error. Ladies remember these rules, memorize them, share them with your girlfriends. I know some may be more difficult than others to keep but I’m telling you they work. Read on and let me know your thoughts! Happy Reading!!

1) Always remember guys are simple. Very simple. Dont overanalyze. We do that way too often. If he says he’s too tired to go out tonight. Guess what he’s probably too tired to go out. Don’t start assuming he’s banging someone else. Unless of course you hve other signs of this but thats another lesson!

2) When a guy likes you he makes it known. When a guy likes you he will hunt you like a lion after his prey. He will want to capture you! With that said if he hasnt asked you out on a date but theres obvious mutual attraction-somethings up. Move on!!

3) Never ever ever allow yourself to be a booty call-unless you want to be. And if you want to be stick to that. You dont grow feelings for a booty call. You dont date a booty call. (According to him hes single and no he’s not dating anyone.

4) when you are dating someone dont put all your eggs in one basket. Just cuz you have gone on a few dates doesnt mean your going to get married and live happily ever after. Date! Flirt w other guys! Talk to other guys.

5) When your dating dont expect anything. He doesnt owe you anything. Meaning dont get mad or sad or emotional if he doesnt text or call you every day. Hes not your boyfriend he doesnt need to check in .

6) Just like he doesnt need to ck in neither do you. Do not call or text him everyday. Guys like girls who are busy who dont depend on them. Dont make yourself available everytime he asks you out.

7) When it comes to sex theres no set rule when is too fast when is too slow. We are 30+ now. So sleeping around its no longer ok. Emotions before sex. Not Sex before emotions. And if you are still in your 20s, consider yourselves lucky! You’re ahead of the game! Yes it is hard to not have sex when theres a strong attraction but how many times have you slept w a guy and then wondered -omg did i just fuck this up between us? Is he gonna call me now? Did he just want me for that? Why isn’t he calling? Blah blah blah….been there done that! When you wait to have sex until theres a mutual emotional connection between both you dont have to deal w all those insecurities. Sex complicates things. But when you wait it compliments things. Remember that! Yea its hard to wait but thats why God invented the vibrator!

8) Do not have “the talk” with the guy until at least 2-3 months of dating. Minimum! Unless he brings it up! If he brings it up then by all means. But if not follow above bc guys scare easily. Proceed with caution.

9) Don’t be scared to tell a guy how you feel. If you’ve been dating a few months (2-3 months) and you like him and want to be his gf tell him but follow above-proceed w caution. 2-3 months is still kind of early so your in a safe zone but you can tell him you like him and want to explore the possibility of it going the nxt step. Lay it on easy so you dont scare him off. Say it just like that and then add that ur not expecting exclusivity now but at 5, 6 months yes you would like that. Thats half a year! If he still doesnt want to make u his gf after 5-6 months He prob never will. Remember guys are simple. If they like you they will want to make you their gf bc they wont want to lose you, worse yet have another man come and make you their gf. Guys are simple. But also competitive.

10) Communication is key. If something is bothering you-stop take a minute. Actually an hr or two. Dont text or call rt away bc you will more than likely say something you will regret. When ur calm and cool talk to him. You must be able to express yourselves w him. If you are comfortable enough to get naked have sex n sleep with him you Have to be able to feel comfortable to talk to him!!!! And if you say something that pushes or scares him away ur better off! A guy that really likes you will NOT go away bc you have expressed your emotions. If he really likes you, he will probably thank you!


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