Just Friends

About 3 months of dating Jesus I was hooked! I was so relieved that finally I had met someone who could totally distract me from Miguel. Someone who I genuinely liked being with. The sex was amazing and the time we spent together was as well. He was charming, sweet and genuine. So genuine that after 3 months it was time to have the talk and he told me he thought I was moving too fast. This coming from the guy that asked to see me every Friday night and I wouldn’t leave his house till Sunday morning! This from the guy that opened up and talked to me about his failed relationships, including his ex fiancée who he broke up with because she cheated. He said he wasn’t ready to be back in another relationship. I was totally taken aback. It wasnt like I was a rebound, he broke up with his ex fiancée two years ago!!! And according to him he didn’t have any serious relationships since! So whats the problem? He said he wanted to just be friends. That same old story. Once again I was crushed. Crushed that I allowed myself to fall for someone so quick, regardless of having known him from the past, crushed that once again I was fooled. I thought that because we spent so much time together, stayed up late talking and had incredible sex we had a great bond. After two weeks of not talking, I finally had the nerve to text him to remind him I had left some jewelry behind. I know what you’re thinking but it was Tiffany’s!!! I couldn’t leave that behind! So I asked if we could meet up somewhere so I could pick it up, he said to come by because he wanted ro talk. I should’ve said no and kept to my idea of meeting at a public place but against my gut feeling, I agreed. When i got there he had opened my favorite bottle of wine and asked how I had been. Said he missed me. We talked for 5 hours over the bottle of wine!! Of course, sex came next. I dont know if it was because we hadn’t had sex in a few weeks or if it was the bottle of wine but the sex was extra good. Good enough to remind us what we had been missing and once again we hung out all the time. As if he had never told me that he wanted to be just friends. I know, i know. I set myself up. Totally my fault but the truth is women like sex just as much as men do and when its good sex, who can stay away?!? I know im gonna regret this later.


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